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I am an artist, mother of four children and an advocate for children's emotional health. I know that the words children say to themselves are incredibly important and I also know that, as a mother, I play a significant role in influencing those words so that they may become positive and genuine.  These carefully created, hand illustrated cards are designed to:


  • Help your child establish a supportive belief system, allowing them to develop confidence and a healthy dose of self esteem.


  • Promote a dialogue between yourself and your child, as you guide them through the meaning of each card.


  • Provide insight for you as a parent.  We know as parents, that younger children don’t always have the words to express how they’re feeling.  The cards are a vehicle for self expression, offering a glimpse into what they are thinking and feeling.


  • Introduce children to art and art interpretation.  Many of the designs require thought and a little bit of critical thinking, both very useful skills.

The illustrated card set has been carefully curated, to help your child on their journey to becoming their authentic self.



This collection includes a set of 21 cards, A6 in size.  Included in the cards is one affirmation, stating 'I am loved', where you have the option of adhering a family photo or an illustration from your child.  There is also a summary card included.


The cards are 350gsm, which means they're strong and bend resistant. They're coated on both sides, providing a durable, tactile and silky finish.  The finish allows them to be lightly and gently wiped with a damp cloth, suitable for even the littlest of hands.


Also included in this collection is a beech wooden stand measuring 12cm x 2.5cm x 2.5cm, to showcase your daily affirmation.  This allows your cards to be displayed as pieces of art whilst maintaining a visble connection to the chosen affirmation.


The cards come packaged in a handmade 100% organic cotton bag and then a hand finished box, providing you the option of transporting them around.

Illustrated Children's Affirmations (0-12yrs) | The Display Collection


    ALL fine art prints are made to order.  The current turnaround time to produce your fine art print is 1 week (+ delivery). 

    If you've opted to personalise your art print, a proof including the personalised info supplied will be sent via email within 24-48hrs hours of ordering. The turnaround period to produce your personalised fine art print is 1 week from the time you approve your proof (+ delivery).


    In stock affirmation cards and sets will ship within 2 business days.


    Unique gift sets have a turnaround period of 1 week (+ delivery). If you're requiring your gift more urgently, please supply a note upon ordering.


    In stock gift tags will ship within 2 business days.

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